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We share big goals with you

We are a young and ambitious advertising agency that combines expertise and creativity. We specialize in analyzing customer needs and strengthening the brand’s position on the market. Our passion for the digital world drives us forward and helps us grow successfully together with your business goals. We are team players who specialize in creating business websites, brands and target audience (CX) analytics. We believe in the values ​​of open cooperation and long-term partnership, so our tips and recommendations accompany all phases of your business.

Advertising agency focused on solid values

Basic pillars of GoBigg

Success is our priority

We believe that an individual approach is the key to success. That's why we try to understand the needs and goals of each of our clients individually and propose a solution that suits them best.

Innovative approach

We are part of the continuous development of the digital world, and that's why we focus on the latest trends. Thanks to our passion for the digital world, we are confident that we can overcome any challenge.

Differentiation and excellence

Our experience and expertise in CX research enables us to offer comprehensive solutions that precisely match the needs and requirements of our target customers.

Meet our base

Mário Kokoška

Account manager

Samuel Krajčovič

Head of web development

Simona Dali

Head of CX

Advertising agency focused on fixed values

Advertising agency focused on fixed values

Customized web page

We create presentable and modern websites that make it easier for you to do business and bring your customers a positive experience from their visit or purchase.

visual identity

We try not only to follow trends but also to create them. We create timeless graphic visualizations that will always be up-to-date and attractive.

Customer research

Customer research (CX) provides you with valuable data to tailor your product to your customers and increase demand.

References and case studies

Contact us

Email us with detailed specifications of your needs. The more accurately and in detail you describe your needs, the better we will be able to assist you and prepare accurate and tailored solutions.

Individual quotation

The more accurately and in detail you describe your needs to us, the better we will be able to help you and prepare accurate quotes and solutions

Individuálna cenová ponuka

Čím presnejšie a podrobnejšie nám opíšete vaše potreby, tým lepšie budeme schopní vám pomôcť a pripraviť presné ponuky a riešenia